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Indigo Bridges Counseling PLLC

Affecting families and children positively long term

Indigo Bridges Counseling PLLC exists to equip you as you face and overcome challenges.

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Let Indigo Bridges Counseling PLLC guide you through the most challenging times of your life. Serving families and individuals in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we offer counseling to help people get the tools they need to navigate changes and issues. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Marilyn is an amazing therapist that helps and not judges you.  She is great at analyzing cases and is a compassionate person that you can always count on.  I will always recommend her especially in divorce cases.  She has a tough job being in the midst of parents and kids relatioships.  Not everyday do you find someone not burnt out-shes not she is lvoely!

Tiffany L.

What People Say

Meet Marilyn Daniel, Owner

Marilyn is a licensed professional counselor who wears a lot of hats. She started in the business way back in 2000, doing court work in Los Angeles. After a while, she decided to move to Arizona and has been a member of the American Counseling Association since 2007. A true compassionate person, she goes and visits elderly people who no longer have families and relatives.

As an expressive artist, she paints abstract masterpieces and writes beautiful poetry and short stories. Marilyn also used to be a swimming teacher back in 1996. Among these many roles, the most important, however, is being a mother of four and grandmother of 9.

My mission is to end child abuse and affect families and children in a positive and long-term way.

- Marilyn Daniel

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